To promote and enhance the use of LEGO with like-minded members of the community, by fostering goodwill and fellowship in a fair, non-judgemental environment.

To create opportunities and encourage members to display their creations, skills and building techniques.

To provide opportunities to bring all Lego User Groups together to be able to share experiences and make new friendships with other groups.

To provide a structured teaching and learning program for members in building and presentation techniques.


The Executive Committee is made up of 5 executive roles and are as followed:
President: Paco
Vice President: Trevor
Secretary: Jun Kit
Treasurer: Alam
Delegate: Alec

As ALUG finds it’s feet, there will also be up to four ordinary members, all of whom will have voting rights at committee meetings.


Subject to the provisions of these Bylaws, the activities of this committee shall be conducted, and all powers shall be exercised, by and under the direction of the LUG.


It shall be the duty of the Committee to:

(a) Perform any and all duties imposed on them collectively by these Bylaws.

(b) Form, supervise and dissolve ALUG teams as deemed appropriate to best run the LUG

(c) Form an annual budget for the calendar year, which is presented to the LUG for approval.

(d) Establish annual fees for membership and determine the rights, privileges and obligations for each class of membership.



Committee members shall be financial Members.

Term; Renewal; Vote of No-Confidence

The committee shall be subject to re-election every 12 months. Committee members may be re-elected through AGM elections. A committee member may step down at any time.


Any vacant seats on the Committee shall be filled in a temporary capacity, until the next available AGM. The only requirement for candidacy is to have been a financial ALUG Member for no less than 6 months. Nomination & election procedures are explained in the Constitution.


Committee members serve without compensation by the LUG.


(a) Has charge and custody of, and is responsible for, all funds and assets of the LUG.

(b) Receive, and provide receipts for, fees and income to the LUG from any source whatsoever.

(c) Disburse or cause to be disbursed, the funds of the LUG as may be directed by the LUG membership, taking proper vouchers for such disbursements.

(d) Keep and maintain adequate and correct accounts of the LUG’s properties and business transactions, including accounts of its assets, liabilities, receipts, and disbursements.

(e) Render to the committee, whenever requested, an account of any and all of his transactions as Treasurer and of the financial condition of the LUG.

(f) In general, perform all duties of the office of Treasurer and any other duties as may be required to facilitate LUG business.



Meetings are to be held monthly and are currently planned for the first Saturday of each month. This is subject to change due to prevailing conditions. Each meeting date will be confirmed at the previous meeting.


Meetings are held at appropriate locations. This can be a meeting room, halls or members houses on voluntary terms. Meetings should start at 12 noon and may last approximately 4 hours. These hours are subject to the discretion of each meeting.


All members are expected to treat others with the utmost respect. Constructive feedback is always welcome. But Offensive, aggressive and or abusive behaviour] will not be tolerated under any circumstances & will result in disciplinary action as described in the constitution.


The club has, as one of its aims, the intention to exhibit at various community & public events. The club membership will be advised well in advance of the event & have the opportunity to advise the committee of events they wish to attend.


Club exhibition materials shall be made available only for approved ALUG events. This includes, but is not limited to, tables, chairs, table cloths, bricks, bollards, vehicles and related resources.


The fees are set at the AGM and are payable in accordance with the financial year, that is, paid to the Treasurer prior to the July meeting.

From inception until the 30th of June 2017 in the first year of operation, membership fees will comprise the full, once off joining fee & a pro-rata rate of the membership fee which will be determined by the committee.



Membership is open to all adults aged 18 or older. Children under the age of 18 will require a guardian consent, and be classified as an associate member.


There are currently two kinds of membership, Associate and Member.

ALUG Associate is the basic level of membership. The only requirement is to accept and abide by the Bylaws of ALUG. This level of membership gives full access to the ALUG forums and inclusion in ALUG exhibits, this level of membership will suit casual, online and interstate members.

ALUG Member gives access to ALUG Bulk list, club discounts at affiliate stores, reimbursement of some exhibition costs, (at the committee’s discretion), and eligibility for election to the Committee, (Please note that for the time being, non-Victorian resident members are ineligible for election to the Executive committee, but are eligible for election as an Ordinary committee Member. The exhibition reimbursements will be unique to each event.

ALUG members will have to be approved by the committee and team leaders, according to our constitution.


All prospective members (Single or Family), are required to pay a ‘once off’ joining fee of $20. This is required to ‘offset’ administration costs, Public Liability fees, etc. This will also entitle you one only ‘brick badge’ with your choice of name on it. If as a family membership, you require more than one badge, please add another $5 per badge.


Associate members do not need to pay joining fees

Single Adult Membership :
Donation of $5 per calendar year would be appreciated but is not compulsory.

Family Membership :
Donation of $10 per calendar year would be appreciated but is not compulsory. (2 adults and 2 children*) for extra children please add $2.50 per child.

All donation will be used for server/YouTube channel maintenance, materials for tutorials/workshops and other online/workshop related costs.


Single Adult Membership – $25 per calendar year

Family Membership – $40 per calendar year (2 adults and 2 children*) for extra children please add $5 per child.

For any family that has four children or more, or is suffering financial hardship, please contact the Secretary.
(*For the purpose and ease of administration, ‘child’ is considered to be any person between and including the ages of 4 to 17).

Last Edited on 2018-01-30