Mission Statement

To promote and enhance the use of LEGO with like minded members of the community, by fostering goodwill & fellowship in a fair, non-judgemental environment
To create opportunities for, & encourage members to display their creations, skills & building techniques

To provide opportunities to bring all Lego User Groups together to be able to share experiences and make new friendships with other groups.

To provide a structured teaching & learning program for members in building & presentation techniques.

Reasons to join

ALUG was grown from a sense of responsibility to the wider Lego AFOL community. The idea behind ALUG is to bring together all LUGS, while still retaining individual LUGS across Australia.

The founding members of ALUG, a registered, Non-Profit Incorporation, listened to the wider community and realised there was a niche to be filled in the area of skills building and community engagement.

ALUG plans on bringing some exciting initiatives to the world of AFOL’s with monthly tutorials/workshops.

Advance your skills

The aim of ALUG is to foster a nurturing environment in which skills building and information sharing take the forefront.

What is a LUG? a LUG is a Lego User Group. But you probably already knew that.

Although still a LUG in the traditional sense, ALUG is filling a niche that has yet to be developed by giving users a community group that has one key goal:
Transparency, Skills, and Information Sharing.