ALUG Inc. Registration Number #A0098502P

Hello and welcome to ALUG (Advanced Lego Users Group).
Don’t let the title fool you, we are an open group and we welcome all Lego users regardless of their level of experience and look forward to you joining our family.

About the Club

Our main goals are:
To promote and enhance the use of LEGO with like-minded members of the community, by fostering goodwill and fellowship in a fair, non-judgmental environment.
To create opportunities for, and encourage members to display and share their creations, skills and building techniques.
To provide opportunities to bring all Lego User Groups together to be able to share experiences and make new friendships with other groups.
To provide a structured teaching and learning program for members in building and presentation techniques.


To become a member of ALUG, you are required to complete and submit this form to the Secretary who will acknowledge your application, present your application to the committee at the first available opportunity and advise you of the outcome as soon as practicable.

Membership fee

There are currently two types of membership, ‘Single’ and ‘Family’.

‘All’ prospective members, (Single or Family), are required to pay a, ‘once off’ joining fee of $20. (This is required to ‘offset’ administration costs, Public Liability fees etc). This will also entitle you to, (one only), ‘brick badge’ with your choice of name on it. If you require more than one badge, please add another $5 per badge.

Single Adult Membership – $25 per financial year
Family Membership – $40 per financial year, (2 adults and 2 children*) for extra children please add $5 per child. For any family that has four children or more, or is suffering financial hardship, please speak to the Secretary.

After payment, you will get a refund of the prorate cycle of the membership fee only. This means you will pay only for the days leading to the 3oth of June from the application approval date.

(*For the purpose and ease of administration, ‘child’ is considered to be any person between and including, the ages of 4 to 18).

Membership cycle

Membership starts on July 1st and ends on June 30th, which corresponds to our Club’s financial year.

Voting rights

Each ‘membership’ is entitled to, ‘one’ vote only, ie, a Single membership is entitled to one vote and a, ‘Family’ membership is entitled to one vote.


By signing this application, you are agreeing to abide by the constitution and by-laws of this club (follow the links below), that you will treat fellow members with respect and courtesy both at meetings and online.
I/We wish to apply to become a member of ALUG Inc. (the Club).
I/We support the purposes of the Club and agree to comply with the Rules of the Constitution and the By-laws.