Our Committee

President: Paco L.
Vice President: Trevor S.
Secretary: JunKit S.
Treasurer: Alam S.
Delegate: Alec M.

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We have two types of memberships – Associate and Members

Associates: Members have access to the workshops, tutorials and everything we do but the main difference is that you will not get exclusive benefits from being a part of ALUG. Associate members do not have any voting rights and are not part of our member manifest.

Members: Full members have access exclusive benefits and get first access to workshop seats, tutorials and other restricted events. You will also have access to any of our bulk purchases and discounts with affiliate stores. Members have the right to vote on what the LUG will do and you will be an integral part of the group.



Fees & Donations

All the funds raised are used for administration of the website (web development has been kindly donated).

Insurance, as an incorporated association we are responsible for your safety while in a meeting or a show.

Registration, being a proper organisation we have a few registration fees. These were covered by our founding members and will be reimbursed from the membership fees.

Projects and Shows: Organising a show it’s not easy nor cheap. Because this is our first year we will be raising funds to create shows and we will be looking for sponsors to cover the initial fees for venues and advertising.